What’s the future for Ipad VR headsets?

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Tablets could have been a good support to VR, especially now that Apple is fully interested in this technology. These devices develop all the characteristics required to run VR. However, one problem remains the same: weight.

In this previous article, we tested 3 VR headsets for you that were made for iPad. Even if iPad Mini VR headsets could have been a compromise, it seems unfortunate that IPad VR headsets are no longer an interesting segment for the sector.

IPad AR Apps: an incredible experience

With the Apple VR headsets coming soon, Apple encourages the development of AR applications. ARKit, the development tool dedicated to augmented reality has been updated to push further possibilities.
Since AR has a lot more chance to be adopted by users, we have selected the best iPad applications already available in the AppStore to turn your reality into a real playground!


Language learning app Mondly adds an AR-assisted spin, engaging language learners with an animated chatbot as well as visualizations of objects and words to help make learning more dynamic, as well as providing instant feedback on pronunciation and any errors.
Those features join Mondly’s lessons, games, and practice conversations designed to cover more than 30 different languages.


Actually dissecting a once-living frog is a feat not all students can, nor want to do. An option that is a bit less intense and frightening to students? Using Froggipedia to slice open a virtual Kermit!
The app supports the usage of Apple Pencil, which is a lot less dangerous than an actual scalpel. Oh, and the best part? No cleanup.

Dance Reality

Turn your iPhone into a mobile dance instructor with Dance Reality, an ARKit-powered app that teaches you the basic footwork and timings of a variety of dance styles by displaying the footwork on your smartphone screen. Users can select from a variety of dance styles, including the option to learn the footwork for whether you’re leading or following. There are also solo and couple practice features.

The Machines

The Machines is so impressive; Apple gave it stage time at last year’s iPhone X launch event. It’s a competitive multiplayer co-op strategy game that involves players (either in online networked play or locally in the same room) shooting at each other and destroying bases. As one player rotates their device, the sound of the game adjusts based around real-world obstacles that would obscure traveling sound.


ARise is a platform adventure game which allows you to drop its world into your home, office, or anywhere else you go. As beautiful as Monument Valley, but less confusing, ARise looks to provide a calming and serene version of gaming.

Ikea Place

Having trouble figuring out what chair will look perfect in your kitchen? Or what rug will tie the living room together? The Ikea Place app allows you to virtually drop new pieces of furniture from the famous company into your own living spaces and find out.


Everybody loves GIFs, and so it feels right that GIPHY (the best site for finding them) is bringing them into augmented reality. The GIPHY World app allows users to drop the moving images into videos and photos, and then share them with friends. GIPHY World is a way to bring fun into your own environment.

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