The Best iPhone VR Games

The Best iPhone VR Games

So you’ve got an iPhone and VR games have suddenly caught your interest.

You’re just in time too, because the App Store now has quite a few good VR game titles, even if Apple still hasn’t an official VR headset for the iPhone.

If you don’t have a VR headset yet, check out our post on affordable VR headsets for the iPhone.

Despite the absence of VR hardware support from Apple, there’s still a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to VR headsets. And you’ll need a VR headset to play VR games, for obvious reasons. Getting one is quite easy, like the Google Cardboard that costs just $15.

Just make sure you’ve got a recent iPhone (going back till the iPhone 6S) and iOS 11. Once you’ve got a VR headset and the right iPhone, you’re ready to get into VR gaming!

As we’ve said earlier, there’s already quite a selection on the App Store when it comes to VR apps. We’ve chosen the best ones in the store you should try first.

12 iPhone Games to Play with Virtual RealityThe Best iPhone VR Games

1.     VR Roller Coaster

A virtual roller coaster is one of the more popular ideas currently floating around the mobile VR games market. And that’s simply because it provides a perfect introduction to the possibilities of virtual reality. If roller coasters make you nauseous in real life, this is quite the way to get a taste of the experience.

If you’re easily excited this game will make you laugh with joy as the roller coaster goes up and down its twisty tracks. It’s not the most jaw-dropping experience, but it’s certainly a fun one. Let your friends have a go and prepare to be amused by the reactions you get.

2.     Demolition Derby VR

Demolition Derby VR is a racing game where the objective is winning races while doing maximum damage to your opponents’ cars.

But that’s not all. What makes it exciting is that it has online-multiplayer where you can compete with other people wearing VR headsets. The player’s view is from a car’s cockpit so the experience appears incredibly realistic and thrilling as you wait for the perfect moment to ram into your competitors’ cars.

There’s a lot to do in this game in the way of car upgrades and practising online to really hone your skills. Definitely worth checking out!

3.     Zombie Shooter VR

Everyone likes shooting zombies. And year after year game developers make sure to give us new ways of killing these abominable creatures. Well now, you can do it in VR on your iPhone.

There really is nothing else to do in this game other than just shooting zombies while you look around a virtual environment.

The experience is still quite fun as you’ll simply need to look at the zombie you’d like to shoot and the game will pull the trigger for you. This simple shooting mechanism allows you to look around and enjoy the environments as well.

4.     InCell VR

InCell VR is basically a virtual reality racing game that takes place inside the human body. There’s a plot to this game, however, and that is to save a human by racing to places while collecting certain objects.

It’s fun and fast-paced nature means it never has a dull moment and you’ll constantly be surrounded by beautifully crafted colourful environments.

5.     Final Kick VR

A football game made for VR? As difficult as that sounds, Final Kick VR nails the concept in quite a simple manner. All you’ve got to do in Final Kick VR is to line up that perfect shot by aiming with your head. That’s it.

To make things interesting the game offers different modes which test your head’s reflexes by throwing in a tough goalkeeper or moving defenders.

6.     Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

The Lamper VR game offers colourful immersive worlds and an entertaining gaming experience. As Lamper the firefly, you navigate beautiful worlds and collect power-ups on the way to take on your adversaries.

It’s a simple game but thoroughly enjoyable.

All you need to control Lamper are head movements. You’ll target enemies and navigate through the worlds using only your head and that makes the experience clutter-free and allows you to take in the virtual environment as well.

7.     End Space VR

Space is the perfect candidate for an immersive virtual reality. Throw in some space fighters to the mix and you’ve got yourself a game that’s sure to be entertaining.

In End Space VR, you control a spaceship that’s travelling through, you guessed it, space.

The game allows you to look in any direction and see planets, stars, galaxies and any of space’s visual marvels. The graphics of this game deserve praise as this is definitely a very easy game to get lost in.

8.     Trail World VR

Trail World VR employs simple Minecraft-like graphics to create colourful worlds that you simply explore. If you’re hampered by the weather and stuck at home, simply fire up Trail World and you’ll get to explore a simple but very pretty little virtual reality world.

Virtual reality is meant to provide a unique experience, and Trail World with its simple premise and many surprises is a good example of that.

9.     Romans from Mars VR

Romans from Mars VR is a fun little action game where you fight off an alien invasion. You’ve got arrows and magical spells in your arsenal of destruction to destroy enemy waves that grow stronger each time you wipe them out.

The Best iPhone VR Games worth checking out

10.  Fractal VR

Fractal has been a popular jet fighter game on the App Store for quite some but now features VR compatibility. And that’s definitely a good thing because Fractal on its own was a visually impressive game with fast-paced aerial combat.

The VR compatibility is quite well implemented as well with support for MFi controllers and regular mobile VR headsets.

11.  FastHit VR

This simple yet incredibly addicting shooting game recently got VR controls that make it an even more enticing option.

There are 45 levels to choose from with each offering its own unique set of challenges.  Simply look around shoot the targets as fast as you can to reach higher scores.

12.  Last Order Blackwood Project VR

Last Order VR is a game that showcases a post-apocalyptic world where monsters roam freely. This game was made for VR and it shows. There are numerous environments to explore with each offering a thrilling experience.

Not only are the environments well details, but they always have some sort of a surprise waiting that will definitely give you a thrilling experience.

What’s more, this game has a proper story-line, which contributes to its immersive nature as the player begins to feel an integral part of the world.

Wrap Up

There you have it, some of the best VR games available for the iPhone today. It really is quite amazing that you can enjoy the thrills of VR with nothing more than a smartphone and a cheap VR headset.

These VR games will let you explore an application on your phone that wouldn’t have thought was possible a few years ago. But VR is here and you can enjoy this with something as simple as an iPhone.

If you do not know how to use your iPhone with a VR headset make sure to check out our guide.

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