The Sims In VR: The Next Step For The Fans

The Sims 5 in VR

With four base games and many expansion packs, The Sims is often considered as the most successful video game series out there.

The famous game that almost everyone played at some point, could be facing a major upgrade – The Sims in VR.

But before you get too excited, let’s look at the Sims’ history.

The game was developed in 2000 by Maxis and turned over in 2015 – after the development of The Sims 4 – to The Sims Studio, published by Electronic Arts.

It all started in 2000 when the first edition of The Sims was released. It opened a whole new world in the game industry.

Building their own houses, creating a family and playing with life. It was for a lot of children the activity after school.

But after all these years – 17 to be exact – the concept is still the same. The third person perspective has been here since the start.

And with the development of virtual reality, it may be a logical step for The Sims to move into VR. Hence, even though nothing has been officially announced by EA yet, it’s likely heading that way.

The Sims 4

The Sims evolution over the years and possibility of The Sims in VR

The fourth edition of The Sims was released in 2014, and it was hit-or-miss for a lot of people.

The changes compared to the second and third edition were drastic.

The graphics overall improved and got a more 3D-texture. Creating a Sim has been made easier – you can morph your Sim into anything you desire by clicking and dragging.

The ‘Build and Buy’ mode has been innovated with the same technique as ‘Create a Sim’. You can drag walls and morph roofs to make the process of building houses easier.

But even though these improvements made creating Sims and houses a lot easier and faster, there are also features from the previous games that were removed and that a lot of people missed.

What the fans are missing:

  • An open world or possibly neighbourhood system & bigger worlds
  • Editing the world
  • Creating a style (includes a colour wheel, materials and patterns)
  • Seasons
  • Vehicles
  • More career options
  • No more open world

The most prominent change in The Sims 4 was removing the open world, created in The Sims 3.

The Sims 3 was a sandbox game, which means you could go everywhere to explore the world. Taking a look into the houses of your neighbours, jogging to the sea to watch the sunset or getting in the car and following your Sim all the way to its destination – it is not possible anymore in The Sims 4.

There are now the so-called neighbourhoods, which exist out of a few properties and public areas. Whenever you want to go to another neighbourhood, you must face a loading screen.

The creators have done it to make the game run faster, but it took away a whole dimension.

What We Should Expect of The Sims 5

If we take a look at the release dates of the previous Sims games, you will notice an average of 4,5 years between every release.

That would mean, since The Sims 4 was released in September 2014, The Sims 5 can be expected in 2019.

The Sims 5 in Virtual Reality

EA has confirmed nothing, but rumours are spreading around.

A few months ago, the EA mentioned in an announcement on Reddit, the upcoming edition The Sims 5. It asked fans of The Sims if they were ‘’ready to live’’ in The Sims World. The post was removed minutes after posting.

Many expect the game would be playable via VR. EA is rumoured to include both VR and 360-degree technologies.

Nobody knows precisely if the entire game would be VR-compatible, or if it is designed for a specific expansion pack. What is certain is that The Sims is a suitable candidate for a VR-extension.

The Possibilities For The Sims 5 in VR

The Sims 5 in VR

Can you imagine: walking through your own-build house, interacting with your own-created Sims, wandering through the city of Sunset Valley?

All the characters you ever created can be you now.

So, whether you’ve always wanted to become that wealthy businessman, the sweet garden lady or a mother of five – you can be the Sim yourself.

There is a significant opportunity for VR in The Sims. It would add even more realism to the game. It should be able to take you fully into the gameplay and escape from reality – opening a world full of new possibilities.

Devices Suitable for The Sims 5 in VR

We all know VR-headsets can be pretty expensive. It will be adding up in price for the game whenever you don’t have one already.

So instead of only paying around 50 euros for the base game of The Sims 5, you will also need a VR-device.

The EA recently released their The Sims 4 game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so The Sims 5 in VR on PlayStation VR is just one step away.

Devices like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are an excellent choice for the PC game, but you should also have a look at the best VR-headsets at the moment.

Whatever EA decides to make out of The Sims 5; let’s hope they will at least consider VR. They have a tremendous potential that should not be overlooked.

And EA, whatever you do; make it happen. Please bring back that open world – to make the whole experience even more mind-blowing.

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  1. yasssssss ive been waiting for this for a long ass time !!!! I love the sims and VR so both together would be amazing !!!!

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