Virtual Reality: What to expect in 2019?

2019 Virtual Reality

We are yet in February, but 2018 already feels like a long gone year. 2018 was a good year for Virtual Reality enthusiasts and providers.

But how is 2019 going to play in the industry? Companies already announced that will take advantage of new technology to improve various Virtual Reality products. In this article, we will give you an update of the improvements announced.

Before we start you can have a look at what happened in 2018 in detail in our update before christmas article.

2018 Recap

2018 it was a year were the technology advanced for the gaming sector.

We saw a huge number of companies opting to offer the games on VR to increase the competitive edge of the game such as Fruit Ninja and Beat Saber.

Even in the travel industry, automated travel software gives customers the chance to have a look at the places they wish to visit.

This notion was invented by travel agencies to give the customers a better show of expectation before  they travel to the selected nation.

2018 also saw a revamp for the medical industry where VR was initialized to help train doctors and aid in psychological therapy.

In fact, it’s been quoted that VR is a new way to help PTSD, Anxiety and other types of fears one cronically has.

Trends to be expected in 2019

First of all, 2019 can be the year were VR can really go mainstream. Use increased throughout the years with headsets and other equipment being less of a cost and being afforded by many segments of the public.

Especially with the VR being available to be connected with mobile devices as well and not just PlayStation, Xbox or PCs.

Augmented Reality is also being developed and after the successes of use cases such as Pokemon Go, now we are awaiting AR+ to be growing in the market. AR+ is an augmented reality with the feature of adding real objects into Virtual Reality or vice versa.

2019 could see mixed reality hit new heights too. Mixed reality is used to mix virtual and real objects together. Mixed reality can be the way to take someone from the current world to a different one before buying in that world.

For example, with VR a user goes into an entire VR world, AR puts the virtual objects in the real world with Mixed Reality letting the customer interact with it. One case could be Microsoft, it can be used to open new windows on an OS.

In terms of which reality is expected to sell most between the 3, we can expect Augmented Reality to take over Virtual Reality. However, with Mixed Reality being in its early stages for consumers, the first step should be Augmented Reality growing over Virtual Reality.

Augmented reality should also offer marketers a new opportunity to lead the industry. VR can be used by marketers to tell stories to the customers. Imagine searching for furniture and you don’t know how to fit. AR can show the customers how the furniture would fit at home.

Image Source: Entreprenuer

Best Headsets For 2019

HTC Vive Pro

HTC Vive Pro is expensive but is also a thing of beauty. The resolution levels are above the skies and are definitely better than the standard Vive headset.

The headset also comes with built-in earphones to take the sound into pro earth and makes games look from good to best.

This headset is the right one for professionals and enthusiasts who would like to take their VR experience to another world.

Priced at $799, while ergonomics are up to a level from the standard one it may come at a cost for some and any add-ons accessories cost another $299.

Oculus Quest

Dubbed as the VR version of Nintendo switch, 2018 was announced by Facebook that the new Oculus headset costs $400 and doesn’t any accessories to improve your in-game stature.

Oculus Quest’s headset is the headset that will bring you the closest to the action. The product also comes as a standalone which means you don’t need to connect it to anything.

That’s why the price is set right, as with $400 you have the complete package. You don’t need to buy a console to connect it or sensors to make the gameplay better.

Oculus Quest can also help people with losing weight as it can be used for workouts or intense games which need a lot of movement.

Google Cardboard

Well….This costs only $5.50! However, this is a good device for people who wants to try Virtual Reality before buying an expensive one.

The material of this VR is only available for smartphones and is made purely of cardboard, which makes it a bit uncomfortable for the long run.

The aim of this VR headset is purely to give the chance to everyone to immerse in a fantasy world with games offered in google apps.

The benefit of the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality headset is obviously the fact that is cheap and a not so bad resolution. However, don’t take it more than a headset to start with.


We hope you like our article about what’s next this year. Do you think that these headsets and the expectations are going to be fulfilled?

Let us know what you think about this article and if you would like to read about the best headsets for drones then read our article.

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